Behind the scenes: The Hunts That Had Gone Way Too Far


“Run…” Wayne would often whisper in his target’s ear before setting them free. For many, they believe that to be the beginning of Wayne’s hunt. When in reality, the hunt had begun long before being drawn out in the open. In cold defiance against whoever stood in his opposition, Wayne not only inflicted pain but took pleasure in the hunt itself. For him, it was as much a necessity as it was a sport. And his list of victims, ranging from the old families, Ryan Price, Annie Wintour, Elaine Wood, to even his wife Maise Blackwell, was a long one. Then again, once he had gotten a taste of something that made him realise the power of holding someone’s life in his palm, it was hard to let go.

The first time Wayne showed his inclination towards a sadistic method as hunting was as a child barely 10. Not living in the lap of luxury made him very possessive of what he claimed to be his own. If the possession or person was indeed his to claim was another discussion in itself. If Wayne saw it as his own, he couldn’t bear another’s fingers on it. That’s what happened when he claimed the block toys he was supposed to share with his classmates. A girl his age, whose name he never tried to find, took the block toys to play briefly. Once jealousy set in, Wayne began following her around. To know what she does, where she goes, how many friends surround her. A week later, she was found bleeding in the cold playground in the snow, supposedly fallen off a swing. And Wayne no longer had a competition for his block toys as the girl could never return to school.

But his sadistic methods turn viler and threatening as he grew up without a care for the consequences. He began hunting people like animals. Assessing his target to find their weak points, pursue them to set in the fear, and finally attack. By the time he was done with the first two steps, the third seemed more like mercy to most. “It was finally over…” they would imagine. Only it wasn’t.

Pursuing them often involved instilling the fear that someone is watching them 24/7, ready to pounce the moment they turned their back. More often than not, it would cause sleep deprivation, messy thoughts, and a general inability to think straight aided by paranoia. To really make sure his target knew Wayne had his eyes locked on them, he would leave them a token or a gift only they could understand. It ranged from exquisite luxuries, an item related to their deepest secrets, to littered bodies of defenceless pets.

No matter where the person turned, Wayne had assessed them enough to block every way out by then. Every path they took showed they had absolutely no control over the situation. A move in any direction could set off a minefield on their loved ones, on themselves, or both. Their minds eventually urged them to do the only thing they could: accept their fate. Even his wife was no stranger to this tactic. Once married, Wayne bought in a house help under the pretence of helping Maise settle in. Gradually, the bond between them developed, and that’s when Wayne began using Annie Wintour to punish Maise. Thinking her compassion to be Maise’s greatest weakness, Wayne targeted it. The suffering of another person, the guilt that came with it, was a sure-fire way to guarantee Maise crumbled without inciting physical harm on her. And to make sure she never forgets the “real reason” Annie suffered was Maise’s own incapability, Wayne left her little tokens called souvenirs just like his other targets.

The targets he did not want to cause any permanent harm like his wife were then met with the confusion of love bombing. The line where they were not scared anymore of his tactics was never crossed. They were scared and left helpless, but just enough to never think about retaliating. Their weaknesses, in Maise’s case, her need to be loved, were exploited. For the expendable targets, like Ryan Price, the hunt was longer.

Once he gained this learned helplessness in his target, they were perfect to take down in case they had not already crumbled. Wayne would pluck them off their environment where they felt the safest, when they least expect an ambush. If he had a demand, he would put it forth then. Agreeing or not agreeing did not change the target’s fate much because this was the time Wayne waited for patiently. Even if he did not have a demand, Wayne knew his fun was long overdue.

He would whisper in his target’s ear, “Run.” Being caught did not mean death, only that their pain would prolong. The most pleasurable part for Wayne was to chase the target in pursuit. The more they tried to save themselves, the more joyful the entire scenario would become. For Wayne, that is. Being caught resulted in anything from physical torture to creating a state of psychological deprivation. But once the fun was over, Wayne would either make his target disappear or leave them able enough to comply.

Wayne’s personal philosophy became “Lock. Load. Never miss”.

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