Behind the scenes: The Underestimated Influence of Individual Power


After the disappearance of Astor King, Maise had her eyes on one goal only: to protect the man she had fallen in love with. But in her way stood a major challenge: her family. The fact that the man she needed to protect caused the mayhem only added to her struggle. But she had just been married, leaving behind her entire life for the very man who now had blood on his hands. She needed to get him away from the clutches of the people who would take him down. Including her family.

That left a distinct idea in Maise’s head. To protect who she needed to protect, she must take over the only establishment that could harm him: the law enforcement. Early in her life, she had learned the value of a favour in return for a favour. And who was going to turn away the daughter of Fletcher Blackwell? The heiress to EDGE Group.

Knocking on the door of senior detective Arthur Fleming, Maise had a proposition for the detective in charge of Astor King’s case. The subsidiaries of EDGE Group already under her would give him a fighting chance against one of the old families he was not supposed to touch if he were to assist in Astor King’s case. It was certainly a tempting offer after he failed to cover up the pharmaceuticals raid against the Corens. Once she would take over EDGE Group, Maise promised to push for his promotion as the Chief of the Police with the Mayor of Sitciny, Leslie Roth.

EDGE Group next to Berny’s & Co. controlled a little more than just the economy of Sitciny. They were the rulers without the crown. Providing assistance to the government of Sitciny. As long as the Blackwell name survived in Sitciny, that would not change anytime soon.

An imperfect alibi for Wayne turned perfect overnight. Any mentions of Astor King began only to be linked to a disappearance. Steadily, Maise with Arthur Fleming on her side covered Wayne’s tracks. Hoping, desperately, that it would be the only time this was how events turned out.

However, doing it once was easy, twice turned harder. By the third time, Arthur Fleming and Maise had already done it twice and couldn’t simply back down anymore. Turning a blind eye became their only solution. Wishing for Wayne to stop once he achieved his unspoken goal. That he does not stretch the law so far for it to come back and bite them. And while everything was kept perfectly under wraps until then, when Fletcher Blackwell passed away, leaving his older daughter Maise as his inheritor. Wayne shed the last bits of secrecy once Maise fulfilled her promise to Arthur Fleming and he rose to the position of Chief of the Police.

With the trump card in their pocket, Wayne wiped out the rest of the old families, except the Blackwells. Adding the investments Maise turned in direction of Hayes Enterprise, to get Berny & Co. off Wayne’s radar, he manifested the power of greed to play in his favour. He had on his payroll elite people of Sitciny law enforcement: Prosecutors, Judges, Detectives. Anyone who dared stand up against Wayne was never to be seen again.

The respect that the Blackwells commanded when Fletcher and Ace ruled the economy of Sitciny was taken over by fear and greed instilled by Wayne Hayes. 

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