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Behind the scenes: 11 Lessons to take the Reins of Your Life Back

  Sometimes hidden in plain sight are words that fill you with lessons your heart somewhere already knew. From the most ambitious business players to the most lethal survivalists, there is something to learn from every character. Here are the 11 deadly lessons spoken through the words of the characters of House of Cards:   1.        IT’S OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES AS LONG AS YOU LEARN FROM THEM.   Or in the words of Ryan Price, “ People learn from their mistakes, don’t you agree? ”. As humans, we are not immune to making mistakes, but we certainly have control over the aftermath. Instead of inflicting unnecessary pain and stress over yourself, take a deep breath and take a step back. Analyse. Learn. Practice. Grow.   So long as you owe up to your mistake and reframe it as an opportunity to learn, you will always grow.   2.       LOVE ISN’T COMPLICATED.   Maise Blackwell said it best, “ … Nothing ever is complicated. We make it that way. Love is the easiest thing. When you

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